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What People Think of Little Reader??

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Semoga kata-kata mereka ini boleh memberi semangat kepada mommies yang telah memiliki LR mahupun yang masih belum memiliki...
Please bear in mind, proses learning bukan hanya mengambil masa beberapa minit, atau beberapa jam atau mungkin juga beberapa hari malah beberapa bulan bahkan beberapa tahun...the most important thing, u all mesti "istiqomah", berterusan, yakin dan akhirnya tawakkal...mungkin ade mommies yang hanya sebulan je yang ade hasil tetapi ade juga 3bulan, so bergantung kepada baby masing-masing, but still THE RESULT IS GUARANTEED!!

Wyatt's Dad

"I saw a late night infomercial for YBCR. Immediately it made total sense to me so i bought the whole package.

(a month or so ago it happened again with Brillkids Little Reader and Little Math. I was even more excited and impressed with this whole site and community forum so i bought the full Deluxe set of both. Started 10 days ago and boy is it ever worth the money. I really like YBCR and it got us started and we still use it, but Brillkids is far, far more complete and i'm waiting to buy the music and spanish ones also)

Mom of Eaton 

"My son has benefited tremendously from using BrillKids. With only a few minutes each day, the amount of knowledge that he obtains is amazing. By using the flash card and voice over system, he learns new words, phonics and definitions, increasing his understanding and intelligence. More importantly, he enjoys the process of learning and looks forward to it each day. He often climbs on my lap while I am at my computer, asking for more flash cards.

Using the built in curriculum, my son is able to pick up new words and sounds along with the ability to read. I started my son on the BrillKids program at 3 months and he is now able to read at 18 months. The program works great for me as a bilingual mother. I can prepare lessons in English and in other languages. I can even prepare lessons in languages I do not speak or read and my son will be able to learn them.

I would not hesitate to recommend BrillKids to any parent that asked me. It is a tool that can help our children have the best start possible and the brightest future available."


"Before I discovered Little Reader (LR), I spent MANY MANY hours making flashcards. It consumed all my spare time, and I stopped enjoying the teaching, as I knew what was install for me after – making more flashcards!

Little Reader have provided me with the opportunity to spend much more time with my little girl, whilst providing me with the most amazing learning tool! I have used the course curriculums and my little girl absolutely loves the lessons! When it's LR time, she starts jumping up and down and gets wonderfully excited. The voices reading the flashcards change throughout the lesson - keeping her interested, the pictures are of great quality and they are truly right brain, flashing one second at a time. In addition, I have access to an endless library of files which are added by parents / caregivers on the brillkids forum. I have also been able to teach her Italian and French using the library.

Let's not forget the thousands of dollars it has saved me preparing expensive flashcards – and saved my imagination, as it is all done for you! YAY for LR!!!!!!!!"


"I am very happy to say that I am seeing results in just 2 weeks of starting the LR curriculum. My little one is 9-1/2 months old and he is able to vocalize words like geen, buoo, ello (green, blue, yellow) within a week of showing LR. Around the second week, he saw a dog coming and called it a "dog." This particular dog has several names like juju, bobo, blackie, jackie etc...but he picked up the right word and called it a "dog" !! I am simply amazed...And yesterday, came "Catth" (cat) out of his mouth!! Its so sweet to hear him speak all these words...In fact, he has not said any word in our mother tongue as yet...!!! I am very very happy with LR. Its definitely a great tool to be owned...

A BIG thanks to BrillKids for coming out with such a wonderful product and the superb curriculum. I am glad I bumped into it at the right time!"


"My son said "Mum" at 5 months and "Dad" at 7 months. He said his first real words (pointed to object when saying) "duck" and "dog" at 8 months. He is now 13 months and has reached 28 words that we understand. We have used parts of the Doman method, Your Baby Can Read and of course Little Reader/Math for some time now.

He has really started to say more words now that we are following the curriculum! A big thanks to BrillKids for providing this. I have really noticed a rapid onset of words since starting this. This week he has added the words "head" and "arm" to his vocabulary. He has seen these words many times before, but I believe that the way the words are presented on Little reader via word flash, multisensory and picture flash has made all the difference"


"I just started little reader with my 18 month old yesterday- I have been teaching him sign language- he knows about 35 signs and says about 20 words. Absolutely loving signing with him and so glad I put the effort in to teach him.

Crazy thing is that I showed him a file of animals in little reader and when I showed the word for crocodile even before the picture he did the sign for crocodile. I thought it was a coincidence but he did it again before the picture came up. All I could think of was that I have used flashcards with him in the past and he has a crocodile book I read to him regularly but I have no idea how he could have possibly read it?

I'm blown away by what little sponges babies are!"


"When I heard of Little Reader, I was skeptical. Anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. However, that's not the case with Little Reader! I can program in whatever words I want and customize them to whatever we're learning about that week. I can show pictures. I can add sound and Encyclopedic Knowledge information. Most importantly, though, my son loves it.

It was difficult to keep my son's attention with paper flashcards, and playing peek-a-boo behind the words got boring for me and for him. With Little Reader, I can customize each lesson so that it's different every time. With the multimedia options, it's always interesting. He begs to do Little Reader several times a day. For me, Little Reader has been a priceless addition to our smart baby resources."


"Our 19 month old absolutely loves this program. He enjoys anything that involves reading, numbers or the alphabet. He will sit in front of the screen and point to the letters in each word as it appears on the screen.

He can already read about 100 words, and I believe Little Reader had a lot to do with that. I can't say enough about how wonderful a program this is. I recommend it to everyone I know with young children. Thanks, Little Reader!"


"We absolutely love it! Little Reader is not just a flash card program like many others on the market.
 It allows you to do so much: you can show different picture for the same word, you can easily create your own category with pictures of your baby, record your own voice, add videos... the possibilities are endless!

Not only that, there's a whole wealth of great downloads created by other moms that you can simply download and use! Both my 3 yr old son and 9 mo old daughter love it! Thank you!"


"SIMPLY SUPERB! - I guess no other words can describe it better. You need to try it to believe it. We were a bit late in trying this out but still I can see results."


"Little Reader is really an excellent software program, and my twins really love it. They are sooo into it. Even when there's a big TV on other side playing cartoons, they'll ignore that as soon as I start playing the program. This is teaching by repetition, and what is so cool is that there's a lot to do by way of personalizing the lessons. You can customize, add and edit lessons you want your child to learn so they'll never get bored.

To all new mommies, this program is a must!"


"I love Little Reader for so many reasons! It is an unbeatable tool for creating and presenting multisensory presentations for my daughter in order to stimulate her right brain.

The content library that is available for free download saves me so much time, too - instead of preparing so many lessons, I can just download and use them, giving me more quality time with my baby. The support and shared experiences of all the BrillKids forum members are also priceless.

I highly recommend Little Reader and its community to every parent that cares about his/her children."


"I got my son started on Powerpoint flash cards, and to keep his attention, I added animation & sounds to the picture presentations.

Little Reader is the perfect solution, because it is so much easier to use & has so much more content & options – you can play material that it comes with by default & it allows you to add more lessons easily, too! Now, I spend more time interacting with my baby rather than preparing his lessons!"


"I've been using Little Reader for 3 months now, and my baby and I make time to read through the lessons everyday. I've always seen our Little Reader lessons as bonding time with my baby. She truly loves seeing the flash cards on screen, and it amazes her each time to hear the sound effects and pronunciations, as well as see the words and colorful pictures.

Thank you very much for your website. More power!!!"


"Little Reader has guided me in teaching my 22month-old daugher without any force. As soon as I run the file, she starts jumping and making sounds, often crying out, "bee!" which means "A, B, C!"

It has also taught me so much on how to create more teaching material. It is a wonderful educational program and I highly recommend that all mothers and teachers use it to teach their children."


Little Reader telah menyedarkan saya tentang pendidikan awal kanak-kanak dan meyakini tentang perkembangan minda a.k.a akal yang Allah beri pada manusia...saya juga realized dengan hati melalui mata kasar bahawa baby mempunyai jiwa yang sangat bersih dan suci, maka ajarlah sesuatu yang suci juga dengan ilmu yang bermanfaat dan memberi manfaat pada orang lain. Dalam surah an-Nahl, sudah terang dijelaskan: "Dan Allah mengeluarkan kamu daripada perut ibumu dalam keadaan tidak mengetahui sesuatu pun, dan Dia memberi pendengaran, penglihatan dan hati nurani, agar kamu bersyukur." jom, kita sama-sama manfaat nikmat yang Allah beri ini dengan sebaik-baiknya untuk menjadikan anak kita sebagai anak yang berilmu, taat dan akan memberi manfaat kepada orang lain kelak..."

"Jika kamu hendak dunia, kamu perlu berilmu, jika kamu hendak akhirat, kamu perlu berilmu, jika kamu mahu kedua-duanya, juga perlu berilmu..."



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