Monday, March 14, 2011

Flash Method By Doman 1

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The Doman reading program can begin any time from the age of 3 months. The following is a summary of the method that mommies can do it with your cute baby at home!!!


  • Start with words that are familiar to your child - words in his environment, words that you use often, e.g. people's name (ummi, abah), objects around the house (ball, books), common everyday vocabulary (smile, laugh, kick, amek ball). Your child will benefit from a teaching program tailored specifically to him because you, as his mom, know better than anyone what interests your child.
  • Choose words that you know your child will enjoy or find interesting. Short words that look alike e.g. bird, cat, sit - are boring. Words like "spaghetti" or "refrigerator" are interesting. Children taught parts of the body invariably find the word "belly button" the most fun, and therefore memorable.
  • Do include long and unusual words. It's easy to confuse words that look alike; much harder to confuse a word like "spaghetti" with another word.
 will be continued....tungguuuu....


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