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Teaching babies with LR will...

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Teaching babies with Little Reader will:

Give your child the gift of EARLY LITERACY.

We guarantee that with the Little Reader Learning System, your child will be able to read before the age of 3

Not only will your child learn to sight-read a large number of words, but with our Pattern Phonics™ system, she will also begin decoding words in a natural and intuitive way.

Help your child develop CLEARER SPEECH.

Lessons include professionally recorded voices clearly enunciating each word and phrase. Your child will develop better speech patterns through repeated listening and mimicking.
Pronunciations created by native speakers will provide your child with a standard for effective communication.

Teach your child SEVERAL LANGUAGES.


Give your child high-quality language lessons from your very own home!
Using pictures, videos, and pronunciations recorded by native speakers, your child’s lessons will extend his vocabulary to include foreign languages, written as well as spoken.

Foster a genuine LOVE OF READING.

Without having to worry about creating lessons from scratch, you can relax and enjoy your teaching sessions. Lesson time will become bonding time for you and your baby, as she learns to view reading as an exciting game!
A love of reading will bloom into a love of learning in all subjects, as learning becomes easier with your child’s improving literacy!


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