Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flash Method By Doman 2 (con't..)

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  • Initially, make the words BIG and RED. A card should be about the length of one and a half pieces of A4 paper, with the word filling most of the card.
  • To fit increasing numbers of words to a card, you will be reducing the text size. Do so gradually, and monitor your child's reaction at every stage. Go back to a LARGER text size if your child appears uncomfortable.
  • Once your child is comfortable with the reading process, switch to BLACK TEXT. Black is easier on the eye than red when there are more words to a card.
  • Write the word on the back of the card for your own references (you can write it small) - you will SAY the word at the moment you flash the card to your child.
  • Prepare 200 WORDS initially and always have 200 words ready to go. "It is important to be ahead of your child, because your child will not move at the same rate. He will begin at what seems like a very fast rate to you, and then he'll speed up" - JD
  • Organize the words into CATEGORIES (e.g. home, animals, colors, etc)
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